SSD VPS servers managed in Spain with 24×7 support

If you are looking for a VPS SSD cPanel, Linux server, managed and with a very easy-to-use management panel, the VPS plans with Agentsys cPanel are the solution. High performance servers with administration included.

Server VPS Advanced
4 vCores processor
100 GB SSD Disk
Obegränsad trafik
1 IPSoporte 24x7
Free migration!
Server VPS Diamond
8 vCores processor
200 GB SSD Disk
Obegränsad trafik
2 IPSoporte 24x7
Free migration!


For this new service we use the Virtuozzo technology from Parallels. Parallels is the creator of the famous Plesk control panels of which we are partners for Spain. Virtuozzo creates multiple separate partitions or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on a physical server to share hardware, program licenses and reduce management efforts with maximum efficiency. Each VPS works as if it were a normal server.

All our VPS range are available in Linux (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu) and Windows 2008/2012 server. If you are interested in a VPS with an operating system not offered on our website, contact our commercial department, we will be able to offer you the plan with the operating system that you require whenever it is available through Parallels Cloud Server.

Yes, from your customer panel you can extend the resources of your VPS (ram, disk, and cpu) at any time and automatically and without the need for a service stop.

,todos los planes de Agentsys tienen asistencia técnica. Nuestros Servidores SSD con soporte 24×7 y administración incluida están pensados para que los clientes tengan un servicio completo y siempre estén atendidos.

All our SSD and network server infrastructure is hosted in two of the most important data centers in Spain, specifically in Madrid and Valencia. If you need more information about it, contact our Technical Support department.

You have root access to your server or administrator if it is windows, so you can install the applications you need in your VPS.

No. Each VPS is totally isolated from the others, if you misuse your VPS, it will only affect your server and not others.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge of server administration or you wish to delegate the administration of your server to our technicians, you should opt for a managed server. On the contrary if you have extensive knowledge of server administration, the correct choice will be unmanaged. If you have any questions, contact our commercial department, where we can recommend the best solution for your project.

Yes, in Managed VPS, we can take care of migrating your webs from another provider to your new VPS with a maximum of 2h.

There is no limit to the number of domains, mailboxes, databases or users that you can host in your VPS, that is, the limits are set by the resources assigned to your VPS, everything depends on the use that is given to each domain, we have clients that use the VPS to host a single domain and others on the contrary host more than 200 domains without problems. If you do not know which VPS to contract, contact our commercial department, we will indicate the best option for you.

No. As administrator of your server, you can make backup copies of it from your Control panel, as well as restore them, you can also contract additionally that we make daily or weekly backup of your server at an additional cost, for this contact our commercial department

Malware Cleaning Service
& Automatic Patching
Backups in the cloud
With 24x7 Support
SSL security certificate
Free installation included
Register and transfer domains
quickly, easily, cheaply

Soporte 24×7

Our technical support team will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find us any question or issue we will help you instantly! You will not have to worry anymore.

Managed Cloud

Agentsys Cloud SSD Servers are managed by our team of specialized system technicians with years of experience who will gladly help you at all times.

High availability

Our Cloud Servers with SSD disks have high availability and performance far superior to conventional disks, do not stop losing customers.

Scalable cloud

Agentsys Cloud SSD Servers are scalable and adapt to the needs of your project at all times, grow your business at the right time without the need for unnecessary investments.

Plesk o CPanel

Our Cloud SSD Servers include Plesk Onyx, but you can also have them with cPanel license, we optimize all our products with the most powerful panels on the market

Immediate and free registration

Immediate and without costs subscription when contracting a Cloud SSD Server in Agentsys. Do not wait to start your project, hire now and save up to 50%!

Access by console

You will have access by console for cases where you can not access your Cloud Server on a regular basis, available anywhere you are.

CPD in Spain

The Agentsys Cloud Servers are hosted in the Interxion CPD (Madrid) so they have a Spanish IP, for more information, please contact our technical support department..