All our services include free Presence Builder

What is it Presence Builder?

Presence Builder a web editor developed by Parallels International, the same developers of Plesk Panel so this is only found in that panel. Presence Builder is a totally visual web creation tool, that is, it is not necessary to have any knowledge of web development or any programming language, so it is a web creator focused on small businesses and individuals that can have a web page or online store with a professional finish.

Simply add content blocks (text, image gallery, online store) by dragging them to the area you want from the selected page, fill them with our content and publish it.

What can we do with Presence Builder?

Hundreds of presence builder templates

Presence Builder includes a multitude of templates related to any subject (radio, magazine, personal web, online store, и т.п.). When creating the web for the first time we will be asked about the theme of the web and depending on what we put, we will be offered a series of predefined designs related to the type of web we want to do.

These designs include a page structure that we can later modify partially or totally to adapt it to our identity (logo, images …). In this way, in a few minutes we will have our website online. In addition all the templates are 100% responsive so they adapt perfectly to mobile devices.

Do you want more information? Документация, Videos ...

Visit the Plesk Presence Builder help portal to get more information, discover tutorials, videos and all the documentation so you can start creating your web site.